Are You Charged With First Offense of Assault and Battery in Virginia?

In Virginia, domestic violence and sexual crimes are described as a method of abusing attitude that is used by a person to enforce some power on the other person. On the other hand, it is also used to make relation with another person purposefully. This domestic violence is also called first offense of assault and battery. All these domestic violence include the following harms:

  • Severe emotional stress
  • Physical Harm
  • Sexual assault and battery
  • Psychological harms
  • Fear
  • Including person in the imprisonment
  • Property loss in order to gain the control over to the person

Many cases of these crimes are arrested in Virginia. Also, many cases are registered and the culprits are also arrested due to committing the evil acts. If you are charged with First Offense in Virginia then you have to consult with the special attorneys in order to gain the protection and the details about the case. Convictions for battery and assault against the members of the family and the household persons are increased day by day approximately 95 %. Twenty-one percent all cases mostly people Charged with First Offense of Assault and Battery in this state according to the reported cases. In many cases, some offenders used harmful weapons as a result of this kind of crime some people lost their homes.

Battery and Assault in Virginia:

In this state battery and assault are most severe violent behavior and crime. It is discussed under the criminal laws for this case. The type and offense depend upon the severity of crime, the level of bodily injury or another person, and the involvement of a person while committing this crime at the spot. The battery is defined as to touching someone and assault means to enforce someone to be battered but in this state, some codes are used to define the laws for this crime and also the details about the charge imposed on the person who committed this. In contrast to these mostly the battery case is charged highly this country.


Battery law code is 18.2-57 it is also used for sexual assault, charges for the crime to be imposed on the person is up to 2500 dollars and up to 12 months prison in jail usually it consists of touching anybody in a rude manner or aggressively. Domestic violence including battery and assault code is 18.2-57.2 and up to 12 months of jail and fine is 2500 dollars but in another case, it might be 1 day up to five years of jail and fine is same as 2500 dollar. First offender code is 18.2-57.3 and it describes that the state of the court may be different for the individual who committed it against the family household. If you are charged with First Offense of assault and battery then an experienced lawyer convinced the judge or the judge also takes it under advisement if it committed first time by the offender. It means that after passing sometime as the case proceeds further the fine will be lessened and the defendant feels no guilt of it. But you just have to take help from the expert attorneys in this state of Virginia.