Chesterfield Virginia Child Pornography Attorney

In Chesterfield Virginia child pornography is one of the biggest crimes. It is defined as any visual representation of any sexual activity that includes the photographs pictures, film images generated by computer, simulates or graphic sexual intercourse, videos, anal, masturbation and other activities related to it. This action is becoming common day by day which impacts on the life of many children. It involves the children who are under the age of eighteen. This term is also referred to a child sexual abuse.

Prohibited Acts Of Child Pornography:

Producing this type of stuff is an illegal act. However, it is also illegal to receive, possess, and distribute any form of child pornography. Each act related to this term may get a criminal plenty that will be a punishment for them because they are breaking the rules of federal government and doing a big and illegal crime. But it is not illegal or considers as a crime if you accidentally click on the link and it opens. However, the repeated visit may become a cause of a problem if you break the rules. Child Pornography Attorney will help the victim in this type of cases in a professional way.

Exceptions To The Child Pornography:

In Chesterfield Virginia, There is an exception that defines the definition of typical child pornography activity. If it will prove that the representation has different scientific, artists, literary or political the values than it might be immune from the laws of child pornography. If the image, video or any picture meets all the criteria of this activity then a test is created in the case which is called “Dost Test” that will help to determine that whether it is a dirty representation of the public and genitals area. There are six criteria of the Dost test, these criteria’s are as follow.

  1. Determining that visual representation is an unsuitable dress or unnatural that is given to that age of the child.
  2. Determining that is the setting of the camera is suggestive sexually that may include the pose, place or any other thing related to the location of video or picture.
  3. Is the child is fully nude
  4. Determining that is the video is specially designed to attract the viewers and to get their response sexually.
  5. Determining that the focal point of visual representation is in the public or genitalia area of a child.
  6. Determining that the visual representation suggests engaging the activity of porno tings

These are the six criteria which are determining to investigate everything properly. It is not important to present all of the six criteria.

Why Is It Important To Hire An Attorney?

Child Pornography Attorney plays a very important role in your case. By using their expertise they help you to investigate and provide you a proper guideline to deal with the issue. In a child pornography case, the lawyer will represent the victim with all the evidence. They will provide the support for the case and present in front of a judge on your behalf. So, If you are facing this type of problems the must hire our professional attorney.