Henrico County Reckless Driving Lawyer

If you face a reckless driving charge, call the Henrico County Public Defender’s office today at 888-437-7747 and arrange counseling for reckless drivers to discuss your case. The Henrico County district attorney will help you if you are charged with reckless driving and will ask the court to dismiss or reduce the charge, depending on the circumstances that lead to it.

Reckless driving is always a violation of the Highway Code, but can result in much more than just speeding. Other speeding offences could also result in a charge of reckless driving at the discretion of an enforcement officer. Also, exceeding 20 miles per hour is not always considered “reckless” driving.

In addition to speeding, there are many other road accidents that could lead to reckless driving. Many people refer to “reckless driving” as a catch – all for law enforcement if an officer believes a driver is acting dangerously or negligently in any way. Virginia does not allow reckless driving if the officer believes the driver is driving at a speed of 20 miles per hour or more in a 30 mile per hour zone. If you receive a charge of reckless driving in connection with speeding, your Henrico County reckless driving attorney will investigate whether the charge is warranted in the circumstances.

These include driving with restricted visibility, dangerous driving of a vehicle, unsafe overtaking of other vehicles and failure to use emergency vehicles. The winding roads in Henrico County and other parts of the state provide heavily guarded roads and offer numerous opportunities for potentially reckless driving.

The reckless behavior of some drivers forces emergency drivers into unfavorable situations and they may have to choose between two dangerous situations. Reckless stopping man oeuvres can also often lead to criminal charges against the driver of the vehicle in which they were stopped. If you are stopped for allegedly reckless driving, it is important that you speak to your Henrico County Recklessness Driving Lawyer or your local law enforcement officer as soon as possible. If you were travelling in a vehicle with limited visibility or unsafe overtaking of other vehicles, why were you stopped and why were you allegedly stopped for reckless driving? Henrico Reckless Driving Lawyer will analyze the facts of your case and determine whether the allegations are inappropriate or unfair. Although there is no guarantee of the outcome of your case, the first step you can take to get rid of your records of unfair and reckless allegations is to hire a Henrico County attorney as soon as possible to effectively present your side of the story in court.