What is credit card abuse and what are the penalties in Virginia

Virginia has many criminal laws that relate to credit card abuse and debit and fall into three categories: credit card theft, credit card fraud, and credit card fraud.

Credit card theft:

In Virginia, it’s illegal to take someone’s credit card or credit card number for someone without their permission. You must also have the intention of either using or selling it. Buying or selling cards or card numbers without permission is also called credit card theft in Virginia.

The lawyer must prove that the card or card number has been taken without law from its rightful owner or has been informed that it has been taken and for the purpose of its use, transfer or sale. However, having multiple credit cards or credit card numbers for another without the authority of the cardholder may be sufficient evidence of your violation of this law.Credit card fraud:Credit card fraud differs from credit card theft because many kinds or forms of credit card fraud require that the criminal to actually obtain some goods or services. Here, the crime can be just trying to use a stolen credit card. For example, a person is guilty of credit card fraud if he intends to use and defame another person. Use a canceled or expired credit card / card number in an attempt to get something of value. Successfully use a false card or wrong number to get something of value. Use your card to get more money from your credit limit or the amount of a project allows credit card fraud credit card fraud occurs when any of the following acts are committed with the intention to fraud: Make a fake credit card sign the back of someone else’s credit card or change a valid credit card.

Penalties Credit card theft:

For the Grand theft, up to 12 months in prison, fines and refund. Credit Card Fraud: crime Category 1, if the fraud is less than $ 200 in a six month period, otherwise, class 6 felony. Credit card fraud: Category 5 felony charge, punishable by prison time, penalties, and other consequences.


Examples of credit card fraud are of the term that your wallet is lost or stolen and purchases are made on your credit card without your permission. An unauthorized purchase appears on your credit card statement from an online retailer.
What to do if you are a victim? 1. File a police report. 2. Give your credit card company immediately. Remember the date, time and person for whom you reported loss or theft. Once you report loss or theft, you are not subject to charges you did not authorize. Your maximum legal sum under federal law is $ 50 per card. According to Virginia law, if the value of $ 200 does not exceed six months, the crime may be punished as a Class 1 misdemeanor. However, if the costs and purchases of goods by stolen credit card exceed $ 200 within six months, the crime is considered a Class 6 crime.